Electronic harassment, gangstalking and dangerous technologies

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Hi, my name is Henrik and I am a targeted individual. On this site I will gather information from different sources as well as writing my own speculations, thoughts and experiences. It is almost impossible to prove, at least the gangstalking part and I'm sorry to say but I don't know any way to stop it. Below you will find some explanations of different kinds of methods, weapons and technologies. Under the tab "Blog" you will find my experiences and thoughts and under "References and links" you will find a lot of links to other websites, organisations and news articles. Please note that I myself don't even believe all of this is happening to me. I am gang stalked and I am electronically harassed but I don't know exactly how. I'm just gathering and putting information together about all possibilities no matter how crazy. You also need to understand that if something is possible as an method or effect of course it can be implemented and applied in other ways as well and it does not have to be a commonly known existing commercial product. Please feel free to contact me to ask questions, share stories or just hello under the tab "Contact".

I have found the most complete and accurate texts describing this here: 

How to prove it

A couple of technologies that might be of use to try and prove you are being electronically harassed:

1. Bone conduction microphone, IC recorder and music editing software for analyzing

V2K (Voice to Skall): recorded with bone conduction microphone and a IC recorder, analyzed with music editing software.




2. Spectrum Analyzer

Spectrum analyzer: http://jameslico.com/hackrf-spectrum-analyzer/#more-1698 or https://itunes.apple.com/se/app/spectrum-analyzer-real-time/id490078884?mt=8 or https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.raspw.SpectrumAnalyze

3. Bat detector

"I bought a bat detector to detect ultrasound. Between 20-60 khz the device has detected some ultrasound in our house. When it is set to 40 khz and the microphone is near the light switch and phone and wall outlet, I and my family have heard some loud noise and voice which could be recorded. I think anyone who is experiencing V2K and physical harassment might have possibility of ultrasound device used for their attack. I think we can ask some engineers to eliminate those devices." http://www.batsound.com/ or https://itunes.apple.com/se/app/echo-meter-touch-bat-detector/id693958125?mt=8 or https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.elekon.batlib

4. Using an empty band on AM radio: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V01iOLbL72k

Taken from posts on Flashback forum

Gang stalking

All of this is a part of something called gang stalking. 

"Targeted Individual is a person who has been singled out by a criminal syndicate called "Organized Gang Stalking." The targeted individual is under 24 hour surveillance and is stalked by large groups of various criminals. The new technologies have brought about the possibility of this crime. All of the wireless devices can be hacked and tracked. The criminals carry non lethal weapons in their cars and use them against the Targeted Individual. The weapons are both easy to buy or easy to make. They use lasers, dazzlers, hand held microwave, x ray devices, plasma beams, and other directed energy weapons. The stalkers are working full time to discredit the victims of this crime and to insinuate they are mentally ill to silence the victims. There are now so many victims that the crime is no longer being denied. Even the Department of Justice has verified the fact that group stalking is on a significant rise with a government survey. In a 2009 DOJ study verified there were a total 3,398,630 reported victims of stalking. Out of the total number of stalking victims 13.1 % documented that they had at least 3 or more stalkers. A quick average of the figures (441,821 victims had 3 or more stalkers) (200,000 victims had more stalkers than they could count)

The Targeted Individuals are now raising awareness to this crime by educating the public with websites, books,videos, and blogs"

Dangerous technologies

In the 1950's and 60's America started experimenting with mind control techniques. MK-Ultra is one of the many well known projects. They also conducted research around mind control in the 1970's and the 1980's in the eastern bloc countries. Many of the technologies and different methods surrounding this has nothing to do with some conspiracy or are intended to be used for mind control though, even if the government and the military has researched it for these purposes. there are a lot of research going on in the medical field for example too. These methods and technologies are a real interest for people and apparently worth putting a lot of money and research in to, and if they fall in to the wrong hands, like criminal syndicates or biker gangs it can be very dangerous. Some of these things are discovered by accident, like Freys effect and some developed for other purposes. We live in a capitalistic world and many of these technologies are being developed, researched and produced by private corporations. I'm sure if you have a registered company, money and the right contacts you can get your hands on anything you want and if you have the right skills you could buy components and build certain things on your own.

A list of different technologies and methods, with short explanations:

T.I: Targeted individual, someone that is targeted by either criminals or the government by mind control techniques.

Directed energy weapons and low frequency microwave signals: Directed energy weapons are weapons that focus a high amount of energy. Different kinds of energy can be used such as radio frequencies, or electromagnetic radiation. ELF RF waves are radio waves that are everywhere but become harmful over a certain threshold. Human subjects have reported annoying tingling sensations and painful discharges.

Thoughts: Thoughts are really just electrical signals and frequencies/brainwaves. Everything in the body is controlled by small electrical signals and different frequencies, even your thoughts and everything that has to do with the brain, which makes it really easy to manipulate and read with the right equipment. All thoughts, all states, all moods, every action is an electrical signal and has an electrical pattern or brainwave pattern  which can be read, monitored, predicted and manipulated. They have used it to predict terrorist plans by brain fingerprinting, reading brainwaves called P300-waves.

Remote neural monitoring or R.N.M: R.N.M is a technique used to to read and manipulate a subjects mind from a remote location. It has apparently been developed for over 50 years  A system or method like this can be abused. We live in a age where information is free and money rules everything, technologies are being developed by private corporations and not only by the government. I know many think the opposite way and that people think the government is what's to fear but in my own experience what you should fear is criminal organisations getting there hands on technologies like this, which has already happened.

V2K (voice o skull) - Freys effect – microwave auditory effect: A technique used to send hearable sounds or voices in to a persons skull using microwaves, which was first discovered by a solider hearing clicks from a radar-system. The clicks can then be modulated in to hearable sounds or voices with the right equipment. The Neurophone which people use for meditation also uses this method or at least something similar. 

ICT implant, RF implant, artificial implants and neural dust: Short for Information and technology implant and radio frequency implant. An ICT implant is an implant that is communicating with something outside the body. Depending on what kind of features the implant has it can manipulate brain and bodily functions. With development in recent years in nanotechnology these can be very small and planted in your body using an injector gun. They can be so small that after you have been implanted you won't notice it and it is really hard to see with x-ray. The implant can be made out of silicon or glass. Scientist have used magnetic nano particles to control neurons and animal behavior. These are called Neural dust and are dust sized particles that consists of a CMOS circuit and different sensors which can be inserted in to the cortex.

Speech modulation: To modulate something is to control or adjust something. In this case clicks from microwaves in to hearable sounds or voices.

The lily wave: A waveform that is used with mind control techniques because it is bi-phasic, which means it will not injure your brain. The reason you use the lily wave is because the intent with this kind of technology is either long term torture, intellectual property stealing, monitoring or prediction of behavior and in which case you don't want to harm the brain permanently.

Brain to machine interface – A brain to machine interface is a system that makes communication between nerve cells and an external device possible. Three of the ethical considerations listed with BMI's are mind reading and privacy, mind control and use of the technology in advanced interrogation techniques by governmental authorities. This can be done remotely as well with the use of an ICT implant and a BioAPI to interpret everything.

Nanotechnology: Nanoscience and nanotechnology are the study and application of extremely small things and can be used across all the other science fields, such as chemistry, biology, physics, materials science, and engineering.

Subliminal speech: Subliminal speech is when you subject somebody to different sounds that you can't hear or won't notice which still affects your brain and can affect what kind of decisions you make.

Synthetic telepathy: Synthetic telepathy is when they use your thoughts or brainwave patterns, after they have been mapped, which can be done remotely, to create a two way communication. Your brain acts as a transceiver together with the other technologies and you can communicate with the perpetrators either voluntary (controlled thoughts) or involuntary (thoughts you can't control because an outer source is manipulating your brain) depending on want they want. If you think about something or feel something your brainwaves and neurons will look a certain way. This can be mapped and manipulated.

Some of these technologies are meant to be used to help people and there is extensive testing and research going on in the medical field but it also seems to have attracted the interest of criminals and the government which the history has already proven.

A lot of the things on this page are of course speculations since I can't really prove anything, or know which methods they are using but everything is based on my own experiences together with internet research and other peoples experiences. These different kinds of effects, methods and technologies exists and my belief is that you can do anything as long as you put enough money and work in to something. There are a lot of bright minds in this world and the technology today is really advanced in a lot of different fields. I am not an expert and it is up to you to use the information in any way you want.


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