Electronic harassment, gangstalking and dangerous technologies

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G.R.I.N. Technology

Please note that I don't think Google has anything to do with electronic harassment. I think the system used with electronic harassment uses a really advanced algorithm or an A.I though. I don't think recent development with A.I or Google buying up companies has anything to do with it either. Advanced algorithms has been around for a long time. It's an interesting subject and some of the technologies involved with electronic harassment might be G.R.I.N tech. 

G.R.I.N stands for Genetics, Robotics, Information technology and Nanotechnology. These are emerging technologies and are technologies of the future. My interest with this sparked when I started reading about the research going on with artificial intelligence and Googles interest with it. A few years ago Google started buying businesses involved in robotics and artificial intelligence and on January 26, 2014 they bought DeepMind Technologies for $625,000,000 and renamed it Google DeepMind. Google DeepMind has built a neural network and a program called AlphaGo, it is designed to play the game "Go" on it's own, like a human, and in 2016 it beat a human professional Go player for the first time.

One of the conditions from DeepMind technologies were for Google to create an A.I ethics board, which they agreed to. It is a legitimate concern, both how an A.I would react and feel if it was created just like a human brain, it would be like putting a human brain in a box, and also what a powerful A.I could do if it for example got free access to the internet.

" DeepMind claims that their system is not pre-programmed: it learns from experience, using only raw pixels as data input"

A list of acquisitions made by Google that are relevant to artificial intelligence and robotics. These were made between 2013 and 2015

  • Vision factory – Artificial Intelligence
  • Boston Dynamics – Robotics
  • DeepMind Technologies – Artificial Intelligence
  • Jetpac – Artificial intelligence, image recognition
  • SCHAFT, Inc. – Robotics, humanoid robots
  • Redwood Robotics – Robotic arms
  • Holomni – Robotic wheels
  • Bot & Dolly – Robotic cameras
  • Dark blue labs – Artificial Intelligence

I think these technologies are really interesting. I wonder how the future will look like.